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If you just graduated from your university and are interested in learning what it ACTUALLY takes to be an entrepreneur, there is no better role than this internship. Although this is an unpaid internship program for 1-3 days in a week for 1month - 3 month (your choice), you will learn A-Z of the real entrepreneurship and you will have a chance to grow into an official role after.


Real Experience as an entrepreneur 

Your work will have actual impact in the way we do our business. We are a small teams of independent partners making the business together. You will get to see how YOUR IDEA will be actually used in execution. 


You will learn deep relationship with the founder, the Japanese entrepreneur, author of the book called "The game of self domination," success coach and a show host and she will have long term mentorship for your on-going career.  


You will get to see the growth of the company as you growth with the company. 


  • Anyone who is hungry 

If this is you, then email your resume at and join our list! 

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