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Cherry Blossom
Work with a Japanese company

ForeignConnect is always looking for a partner agency that can help Japanese companies expand into the US market together. If you would like to add your company to the partner list, please contact Partners include trading companies, corporate lawyers, corporate tax accountants, Japanese market research agencies, marketing agencies, digital marketing agencies, design agencies, system development / app development agencies, and a wide range of other north American companies. 

Benefits of becoming a partner

Passive leads - you can take a lead meeting with a client from Japan with little effort.

You can increase your international clients and expand your portfolio.

You don't have to be fluent or knowledgeable about Japanese culture to work with a Japanese client. 

​​Applies only to creative, design, marketing, PR, advertisement agencies ***

Idea Pitch Contest

This is an "all-in-one" solution for Japanese companies who have market data but don't know how to sell to the US market.

You will join a idea competition along with another agency and pitch your promotion idea to our client! You will get paid for your pitch! 

Graphic Designer

Japanese Project

This is a solution for Japanese companies who already have market data, have their own strategy, and only need to have team members. As a bilingual project manager, we step between the client and the agency to manage the progress of the project.


Hearing session 

FC consultant conducts a hearing session with the Japanese client to understand their market research information including target audience, products, business goals, needs, budgets, and the current business situation. 

Check availability 

After carefully understanding some key data and the goal of the promotional campaign, we will speak to two partner companies that meet their required conditions. We then check whether the agencies can participate in the competition. 


Participating companies will be given a two-week period to prepare their ideas. And two weeks later at all parties (the client, agency, ForeignConnect)  will have a one hour pitch meeting.


The client receives the pitch, picks the idea that they like, and we contact the agency. The client will start working with the chosen agency. The agency who was not picked is also paid for their time. 


Hearing session 

FC conducts hearing session with the Japanese clients to understand their goals, needs, budgets and strategies.

Check availability 

Based on the client's requirements, FC defines a job description and budget and contacts the appropriate agency to check availability.

Start the project

The client chooses the most suitable agency for the job, and FC coordinates the start of the project.

Manage & Report

When the project is started, FC will enter as a bilingual project manager between the client and the agency, providing smooth communication between them.

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