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City Lights
Real Estate Investor Liaison
For EB-5 visa Applicants

For Japanese individual investors who can invest $ 500,000 (no return on investment)-$ 900,000 in a regional center project to qualify for an EB-5 visa , we contact the regional development center, immigration lawyers, and tax professionals on their behalf, making the process smooth and hassle free.

Service Values
  • Facilitating and conducting a meeting with an American immigration lawyer and getting consulted on client's eligibility for an EB-5 visa 

  • Find and propose a reliable regional center investment company

  • Propose multiple projects

  • Connecting the client with a tax professional to understand how to file tax for the investment in the US.

  • Firmly support the entire process as an intermediary consultant


Provide an easy-to-understand explanation of specialized knowledge related to EB-5. We will also help preparing documents required for a visa.


Introduce and manage relationship with US immigration lawyers who have been successful in getting EB-5 visas for Japanese clients.


Introduce projects that can be qualified as EB-5 visa investment destinations


Coordinate a meeting between a client and a U.S. immigration attorney to understand visa eligibility


Introduce reliable regional centers and projects that our clients invest in


Contact a tax expert to find out how to file a tax return on the investment ( if the client wishes so)


As an intermediary consultant, we help enduring smooth communication between Japanese investors and US immigration lawyers, regional development centers, and facilitate the entire process.

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