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3 Interesting ad campaigns from around the world

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

In today’s blog post, FC consultant discusses some interesting ads that they came across in 2021. We will keep adding to this blog post as we spot more interesting ad campaigns from around the world.



The dating app that shows you who wants to go on a date that day. Every Thursday, the app comes to life with people near you who also want to meet that day.

Photo from Thursday Apple store
Photo from Thursday Apple store

On October 12, 2021, several men with a sign that says: "I cheated on my girlfriend on Thursday and this is my punishment." just outside of London train stations.

Thursday Ad campaign
Photo from Thursday Instgram

Although the campaign received some criticisms from the public for potentially making cheating ok, the campaign was successful considering how many presses ended up covering the story and how many people posted the photo online. One of the example post is below and collected more than 79K likes, 8550 Retweets and 2127 Quotes Tweets.

Success point:

Thursday's ad campaign collected the amount of media attention, the way it did because the ad looked 'not staged' at first sight which inevitably invited many people to be curious about the ad. It was also a good decision to tell the story on cardboard with a handwritten message as it added the feel of realness and authenticity.

Influencer using ad CashApp

CashApp collaborates with a TikTok Comedian star Everett Noble @evcnoble

The popular comedian Tiktok star makes a casual comedic “commercial” for CashApp where his friend tries to pay back the money and Everett answers it by requesting to pay back on CashApp. This is one video of multiple video series he creates for CashApp.

Success Point:

CashApp conducted this influencer campaign successfully, understanding the audience Everett has, who are look-alike audiences for the app. Less than a minute video series dedicated to CashApp ads is funny and easy to watch for the followers.


Morinaga In-protein bar ( protein 20g )

Photo from Morinaga  Protein products
Photo from Morinaga

Morinaga launched an ad inside trains in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The ad design includes a 3D display of the actual protein bar in real size. The ad also emphasizes that there are 20 grams of protein in one bar as opposed to the other regular Japanese protein bars that tend to contain only 15 grams of protein per bar.

in Protein Bar Japan ads
In Protein Bar Japan ads - Photo from Sogo Hodo

Success point:

The ad design captures human psychology well. First, when the ad is seen from a distance, it is hard to tell whether or not the ad showcases the actual snack because the ad includes a 3D display of the protein bar. Not only that the 3D display is a real-life size. Inevitably, this invites people’s curiosity and makes them pay attention to the ad, even investigate the ad. This real-life-sized ad also communicates the actual size of the product. Hence, it can be a trigger for people to consciously or subconsciously generate a feeling of familiarity when they spot the product at a convenience store the next time.

These are some interesting ad concepts and designs we came across from the world. This is just a beginning and we will keep adding more to this post! Stay Tuned!

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