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Why do most businesses fail? An interview with the author of "FURTHER, FASTER", Bill Flynn

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Hi everyone! Welcome back to FC Media!

Who is Bill Flynn? Bill is a growth consultant at and the author of the book, "FURTHER, FASTER." He has worked for/advised hundreds of companies including 20+ startups (10 operationally; 5 successful outcomes) as an 8-time startup VP, WW Sales – UK, Singapore, and 2-time CMO. During this time, he has helped companies going through 2 IPOs and 7 acquisitions. Taking from 30 years of experience in startups, he simplifies & teaches the process of running a successful business with tools and techniques that anyone can learn and use as a springboard to profitable and healthy growth.

Today we asked Bill the following questions:

1. Please tell me your background and what you do today including the story of being a COO of 10 startups.

2. Having said the answer from #1, What did you learn about taking a startup to make an IPO?

3. Why do few companies survive, fewer flourish and most fail?

4. What is the gap between science and business?

5. What are the few things that truly matter?

6. What does successful leadership mean to you?

7. What does it mean to create a culture of Psychological Safety as a leader, and how is this important to organizations?

See the video version here:

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