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Reasons to hire an agency in Miami

  • Access to Latin America

Florida is America's strategic and economic base, economic and political stability, owing to its geographic position, multi-lingual and multi-cultural staff. Florida is a major center for headquarters in Latin America and accounts for 27.2% of overall U.S. trade with Latin America.

  • Influencer access and media attention

Miami has lots of famous and micro-influencers you can work with to grow your brand. Miami is also an advanced city when it comes to the media and PR industry with the city filled with fancy events, hotels, bars, and restaurants, Miami offers opportunities for companies to take the best advantage of the media exposure.

  • Infrastructure suitable for trade

Companies who are planning to open an office in Miami for a logistic reason ( since Florida has one of the most comprehensive multi-modal transport transportation networks in the world, with 19 international airports, 15 commercial airports, and 15 commercial airports and the country's one of the largest container ports ) should develop their businesses in Miami.

  • Metropolitan city for hospitality, finance, media, entertainment, and film & music industries

If you have a product or service for any of the listed industries, it is smart to locate your office in Miami as Miami is the metropolitan city for those industries.

What You Can Do
Hearing Session

We will conduct a hearing session to understand your business goals, budget, and needs specific to the Miami / Hispanic market

Strategy Building
( If Applicable) 

We can contact local agencies and ask them to pitch ideas for your project as a competition.

Hire An Agency

We will coordinate pitch meetings with multiple agencies to pick an idea from then, we will help the client hire and work with the right local agency

Monitor The Vendor & Project

Once a project is started, ForeignConnect will be the project manager between the client and the local partner from Miami to ensure progress in the project.

Reasons to open an office in Miami

  • Huge market Access to huge opportunities

Florida is a superstate of economics, the fourth highest economy in the United States and the 21st largest economy in the United States (larger than Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and Argentina).
The huge market offers your company a tremendous opportunity.

  • Business friendly

In the United States, Florida's low rates of taxes, hence the low business costs makes Florida easy to do a business in. Florida's economy is hugely created by small businesses.

  • Access to the global talent pool

With many US major companies settling down in Miami, there is a good reason for it. The workforce of over 9 million in Florida is trained, diverse and ambitious. Florida has the third-lowest rate of unionization of the private sector among states, and the state has the highest-ranked workforce training programs in the country. 

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