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Why You Should Hire A Marketing Agency From Hawaii

  • Access to the Japanese community in the United States

Hawaii has the largest Japanese community in the United States. If you're targeting Japanese people living in the United States as a customer, Hawaii is a great starting point.

  • Asian company friendly

Due to Hawaii's multicultural population and its popularity as a global tourist destination, many Japanese companies often use Hawaii as a test site, where there are few cultural gaps in products, business models, and staff before entering the US market environment. think. What's more, Hawaii is just a few hours by plane from major Asian cities. This is very convenient because there are few local time zone gaps that allow Honolulu offices to consult with offices in the US mainland and Asia during the same business day. Hawaii's location near the middle of the Pacific Ocean provides easy access to both North America and Asia.

What You Can Do
Hearing Session

We will conduct a hearing session to understand your business goals, budget, and needs specific to the Miami / Hispanic market

Strategy Building
( If Applicable) 

We can contact local agencies and ask them to pitch ideas for your project as a competition.

Hire An Agency

We will coordinate pitch meetings with multiple agencies to pick an idea from then, we will help the client hire and work with the right local agency

Monitor The Vendor & Project

Once a project is started, ForeignConnect will be the project manager between the client and the local partner from Miami to ensure progress in the project.

  • Cost to do business

While the cost of doing business in Honolulu does come at a premium, it is much less than other major cities in the Asia-Pacific region such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

  • Japanese-friendly city

Speaking of livability, Hawaii is the easiest city to move to for Japanese people as you can live in Hawaii not being able to speak in English.

Reasons to open an office in Hawaii

  • Business program

Hawaii offers several programs to help businesses obtain loans, grants, and other investment resources, as well as to seek and encourage investment from sources inside and outside the state. Hawaii has a strong (business) accelerator community, and Accelerator Community 2 gives companies access to mentors, capital and other global networks.

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