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Downtown Los Angeles
Los Angelous

Reasons to hire an agency from LA

  • A leading city in design and technology

LA ranks high for being a leading city for graphic designers, architects, and fashion designers as well as being the best high tech city among all cities in America which allows companies to have extensive access to the world-leading information around design and technology but also to have access to the high-quality talent pool.

  • Access to major and minor influencers

Almost everyone in LA knows someone who knows someone famous. If they aren't on the silver screen or television, they at least have a popular YouTube channel or millions of Instagram followers since LA is the pioneer for entertainment. You have no access to global celebrities like this from Japan. LA offers opportunities to work with these influencers.

  • Access to Japanese consumers living in LA

LA has one of the largest Japanese communities in America which makes LA the most American living Japanese consumer rich city.

  • Major economic cities of entertainment, fashion, technology, biotechnology, retail and hospitality

LA is a leading city for various industries which gives businesses who operate in LA opportunities to network and create opportunities.

What You Can Do
Hearing Session

We will conduct a hearing session to understand your business goals, budget, and needs specific to the Miami / Hispanic market

Strategy Building
( If Applicable) 

We can contact local agencies and ask them to pitch ideas for your project as a competition.

Hire An Agency

We will coordinate pitch meetings with multiple agencies to pick an idea from then, we will help the client hire and work with the right local agency

Monitor The Vendor & Project

Once a project is started, ForeignConnect will be the project manager between the client and the local partner from Miami to ensure progress in the project.

Reasons to open an office in LA

  • New business friendly

Los Angeles has a superb support infrastructure for entrepreneurs, which includes entrepreneurial training programs at both UCLA and USC and a well-developed network of small business development centers. 

  • Access to the global talent pool

LA is one of the most popular cities to live in in the world. Many talents move there for a better opportunity and tractions. You'd have great opportunities to hire these talented people.

  • Access to huge domestic and international markets

There are six commercial airports in the area, three seaports plus the freeways, and service by two rail carriers. The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are numbers one and two in the nation in terms of container traffic handled, while LAX ranks 13th among the airports of the world in cargo traffic handled. LAX is served by 43 international carriers and all major freight lines. 

  • Access to a diverse racial talent pool

You can find people of all types of shape and color in LA. LA also has one of the largest Japanese communities across the U.S.

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