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Las Vegas

Here are 4 reasons to set up your business in Vegas.

  • Great Tax Incentives

Nevada does not collect individual or corporate income taxes. Not only these, but there are also

  • ‍No franchise taxes

  • ‍No unitary taxes

  • ‍No inventory taxes

  • ‍No inheritance taxes

  • ‍No estate taxes

  • And sales taxes are only 8.3%    compared to NYC ( 8.5%), CA ( 8.6%), WA ( 9.2%)

This makes Nevada one of the best business climates in the nation. Abatements and tax incentives are also among some of the best in country. 

  • Great Networking Opportunities

Las Vegas is a mecca for global conventions. Leading executives are in town every year to meet at the numerous conventions and conferences hosted here. 

  • The low cost of living

nlike more prominent start-up hubs--including the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, and New York City--Las Vegas boasts a cost of living that's cheaper than the national average. The difference in housing costs alone is pretty convincing:

  • It is a 24-hour economy

This city never sleeps. Vegas is the only city in America that is open 24 hours like Tokyo.

What You Can Do


We will conduct hearing session to understand your business goals, budget and needs specific to the Miami / hispanic market

Strategy Building 

( if Applicable) 

We can contact local agencies and ask them to pitch ideas for your project in as a competition.

Hire a local agency 

We will coordinate pitch meetings from multiple agencies to pick an idea from then we will help you hire a local agency

Manage vendors and project progress

Once project is started, ForeignConnect will be the project manager between client and the local partner from Miami to ensure progress in the project.

Image by Lance Asper


Downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles

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